Craft Room Re-do 2012

Youch!  My last post was June 29th.  I haven’t been as idle as it may seem.  See my re-do? Click on the photo to see more detail.



My whole craft room has had a re-do!!  What a messy job; do you have any idea how many tiny little things I have stashed here and there?  Between paper crafting and miniatures, it boggles the mind! I have always been organized but I wanted more than that.  So, while organization may be the first step, beautification never fails to start tugging at my spirit shortly thereafter.  Add to that all of the YouTube videos of people with craft rooms that look like they came out of Architectural Digest!  Peer pressure still reigns for the over 60’s.

I have been scouring the thrift stores looking for things I could put on my walls that would be both decorative and useful.  Only one has retained its original color and that is the mahogany shelf I bought for my granddaughter, Jade, to showcase her art pieces.  Good thing I didn’t paint it white like everything else!  She has informed me that it needs to be pink or purple.  O.K.  That will work for grandma, too.  My little dog, Sara Lee, preferred to keep her cushion in its same spot, so we worked that in as well.

Since my Florida pal, Joyce, and my Fun Daysies miniature group are the only ones who have seen the “before”, they are probably the only ones who will appreciate the full extent of my re-do.  I seldom think to document the mess things are before I get it the way I want it.  Who wants photos of a mess?  (Remember, click on any image to make it larger.)

The vase of flowers on my desk is not just for show.  Besides loving to have flowers around me, I thought this was the best way to keep the floral department flowers I had found that would work for paper crafting…  much less expensive than the paper crafting department’s  flowers!!  The large heart on the wall is something my mother made.  I think it is the only crafty thing she ever did besides sewing and needlework.  So, there you have it!  Won’t you leave a comment as long as you’re here?  Blessings & Hugs, Ya’ll…

About Charlotte Zweigoron

Married, retired, never been so busy..! One of my most prized possessions is my very own craft room! And, actually, all the rest of our home is built around that craft room. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been living in Georgia for over thirty-five years after a four year stint in Chicago. Crafting, reading and playing Mah Jongg with our circle of friends are my favorite activities right after spending time with my four grandchildren and four great-grandsons. Two of my three grown daughters and one of my two grandgirls live right across the yard from my husband and I. The youngest daughter, her husband, and our grandpups live in our same town. I have been teaching a paper crafting class for over three years and the ladies in the group have become a second family. We are well and truly blessed with people and critters to love..!
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10 Responses to Craft Room Re-do 2012

  1. Ann says:

    An inspiring room. Where did all the clutter go? SaraLee looks like she approves, too.

    • See all those drawers. Ann? Most of them are filled with the “former” clutter all nicely sorted and placed in their own special spot. Fortunately, I know where everything is or I’d be in a real stew!

  2. Sharon says:

    Oh if only I could make my mini area look so organized. No matter how hard I try, it just doesn’t look that good. Of course the 10 windows limits my up-and-down space.

  3. WOW, I envy you a little there!! Your room is amazing….LOVE it! Now that makes me wish I had more space….one day hopefully. 😀 Thanks for sharing your newly redone space with us! Hugs and blessings, Sabrina

    • It’s what happens when you become an empty nester and your children have very full and active lives of their own! Without even asking, I know you wouldn’t trade! To tell the truth, I noticed my husband was using his laptop to work in front of the TV in the living room all the time, so I took over what had been his office. I’m stinky that way!

  4. Vikki says:

    Your room looks great Charlotte, well done!! I am lucky enough to be in the process of getting my own space too. We are building a large shed and I will be getting a third of it (we aren’t empty nesters yet). My end will be closed in and lined so it will actually be a room not a shed. I will have air conditioning and all the other bits and bobs to go with it too. I would like to thank you for you comment about the ‘before’ photos as I wouldn’t have thought of it, so I have just jumped up and taken some photos that I will be able to post when I get my new craft room. Stop on by my blog sometime soon and hopefully you will see my room too. I am hoping it will be finished in about a month or so as even though the shed will be finished probably next week, my end will take a bit longer to deck out.

    • We have a HUGE 2-story shed (more of a barn, actually) that came with this house when we bought it 3 years ago. It even has 220 wiring ’cause a former owner had metal-working equipment out there. It needs a lot of repair on one side and my husband constantly mentions that I could have it for a craft area “someday”. I told him he’d have to build me a covered walkway and put in some windows. We’re just kidding around… I recently read that Becca Feeken, one of my top favorites in the crafting world, has exactly that for her work area. A huge 2-story barn building ALL for her crafting! Wow! I’m happy with my room. It is my favorite shade of blue, sort of a baby aqua, and lots of pastels. I’ll be checking your site and looking for that craft room!! Thanks so much for dropping by!!!

  5. Starr says:

    Oh my goodness, thanks so much for telling me about your redo, it really does look like the inspiration photo! I can just imagine the hours that I could spend in your beautiful space! Thanks so much for sharing, now I’m inspired!

  6. Nancy N says:

    I love your space 🙂 I read a great book a while back that said, ‘to create your soul loving space, it needed to give you joy, energy, inspiration and allow creativity within a realm of peace and calm’ and ‘beauty feeds the soul’ 🙂
    It looks to me that you have definitely done that, such a beautiful room to come into and create!

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