Golden Christmas

Here is my first actual Christmas card of the season.  Lots of other Christmas stuff but no cards until  now.  I love the rich, wine-red of this paper and the addition of other blue and green tones.

I really should have taken a couple more photos to show the dimensional aspect of this card.  It has two raised layers but they are difficult to see in this photo.  I am so used to stopping the second I get a good shot and forgetting that, with my new light box all set up, I don’t have to worry about the sun going behind a cloud and leaving me without the photos I need.  What a thrill!

As this is not for any challenges this week, I can confine my list ingredients to the one sheet of Christmas ornament paper and the one sheet of beige that I got on sale at one of the five stores I have in my area for paper crafting supplies.  I am so blessed!!  Besides the ribbon and cord for the bow (most likely from Hobby Lobby) and the three gold dots (I know these came from Joann’s $1 bin; I buy a card of them every time I’m in the store so I have tons at this point), there isn’t much to tell.  Oh, the red paper that has the cutouts at the bottom (behind the middle element) was a scrap from another project.  One never knows when inspiration will strike while sifting through that box of scraps!

Let me hear from you!  I appreciate your kind words and encouragement.


About Charlotte Zweigoron

Married, retired. One of my most prized possessions is my very own craft room! Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been living in Georgia for over thirty years after a four year stint in Chicago. Crafting, reading and playing Mah Jongg are my favorite activities right after spending time with my four grandchildren. One grandson & his wife have recently made me a great-grandmother; The other grandson joined the Navy in December, 2011 at the ripe old age of 23! He is now a chef out on the seas!
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4 Responses to Golden Christmas

  1. Sharon Brand says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I do love the rich red color with the gold.

  2. Dana Braun says:

    Actually, this card made me smile as it brought memories of the Albuquerque balloon fest…I know, you think I’m nuts…..but look at the ornaments hanging with the blue background…yep…balloon fest! Yep, I’m smiling.

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