Pat’s Red Flower Birthday




My dear friend, Pat, had a birthday early in April and I had been looking at this fabulous paper filled with these exotic flowers for some time. It just begged to be fussy cut and layered so, naturally, I had a go at it.

I was very pleased with the way this turned out. In the accompanying photo, you can get a bit of appreciation of the dimensional layers on the flowers. It is definitely bold and bright!

I know Pat enjoyed receiving this and I hope you have enjoyed viewing it here.  Let me hear from you!  I always appreciate visitors and comments!

About Charlotte Zweigoron

Married, retired, never been so busy..! One of my most prized possessions is my very own craft room! And, actually, all the rest of our home is built around that craft room. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been living in Georgia for over thirty-five years after a four year stint in Chicago. Crafting, reading and playing Mah Jongg with our circle of friends are my favorite activities right after spending time with my four grandchildren and four great-grandsons. Two of my three grown daughters and one of my two grandgirls live right across the yard from my husband and I. The youngest daughter, her husband, and our grandpups live in our same town. I have been teaching a paper crafting class for over three years and the ladies in the group have become a second family. We are well and truly blessed with people and critters to love..!
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6 Responses to Pat’s Red Flower Birthday

  1. Sharon says:

    That’s just gorgeous, Charlotte. All your cards are purely frame-able.

  2. Susan says:

    Love those colors!

  3. Pat Kane says:

    That card is lovely. I loved it,and it sits on my dresser where it enhances my room and I can see it when I read, relax or write. I really did much more than just enjoy that card, but I must admit I loved it even more because it came from you.

    • I hope the flower petals didn’t get too squished in the mail! At least you can see how it was supposed to be in the photo here. I think I sent it in a box to protect it but, if not, I’ll fluff it up if it needs it when I see you (which I hope will be this fall…).

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