Celebrate Your Wings


It has been just over a week and I have finally managed a card!  So many new choices of materials to work with after Santa’s visit…  Of course, one has to take into consideration that, after so many weeks, I think I have forgotten almost everything I knew about photographing the card properly and working on it in Photoshop.   

These colors are so delicate, it was almost impossible to get them to look as yummy as they do on the actual card.  The inspiration for it came from a challenge color combination which I was excited to use but did not finish to my satisfaction in time to enter it.  Besides displaying it here, I will add it to my gallery at Split Coast Stampers.

I will also be putting it in my Etsy Shop (Click on my profile photo to go to the shop.).  The card is a large one, 5 inches x 7 inches.  The colors of Moss Green, Vanilla and Baby Turquoise make it a rather feminine card and the word “Celebrate” can be applied to many occasions.

I hope you like this year’s first effort.  As always, I love to hear from you!

About Charlotte Zweigoron

Married, retired, never been so busy..! One of my most prized possessions is my very own craft room! And, actually, all the rest of our home is built around that craft room. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been living in Georgia for over thirty-five years after a four year stint in Chicago. Crafting, reading and playing Mah Jongg with our circle of friends are my favorite activities right after spending time with my four grandchildren and four great-grandsons. Two of my three grown daughters and one of my two grandgirls live right across the yard from my husband and I. The youngest daughter, her husband, and our grandpups live in our same town. I have been teaching a paper crafting class for over three years and the ladies in the group have become a second family. We are well and truly blessed with people and critters to love..!
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2 Responses to Celebrate Your Wings

  1. Dana Braun says:

    I adore this one….as I do with nearly every card you create. Please put aside one of these for me. I did receive the two you just sent me and amso pleased. Thank you, however, you neglected to include how much I owe you. Please tell me. They’re so worth it!

  2. And you are so “the best”! Encouragement from you is especially delicious because I consider you quite the artist, my friend!

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